Journal Article Enhanced survival and insulin secretion of insulinoma cell aggregates by incorporating gelatin hydrogel microspheres

Inoo, Kanako  ,  Bando, Hiroto  ,  Tabata, Yasuhiko

8pp.29 - 37 , 2018-06-01 , Elsevier BV
Introduction: The objective of this study is to evaluate the survival and glucose-induced insulin secretion of rat-derived insulinoma cells (INS-1) from their aggregates incorporating different size of gelatin hydrogel microspheres comparing with microspheres-free cell aggregates. Methods: The gelatin hydrogel microspheres were prepared by the conventional w/o emulsion method. The INS-1 cells were cultured in a V-bottomed well, combining with or without the gelatin hydrogel microspheres to form their aggregates with or without microspheres. Results: When the cell viability, the live cell number, the reductase activity, and the insulin secretion of cell aggregates were evaluated 7 or 14 days after incubation, the cell aggregates incorporating gelatin hydrogel microspheres showed higher cell viability, reductase activity and a larger number of live cells. The cell aggregates incorporating larger size and number of gelatin hydrogel microspheres secreted a larger amount of insulin, compared with those incorporating smaller size and number of microspheres or without microspheres. Conclusion: It is conceivable that the incorporation of gelatin hydrogel microspheres in cell aggregates is promising to improve their survival and insulin secretion function.

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