Journal Article Insulin secretion of mixed insulinoma aggregates-gelatin hydrogel microspheres after subcutaneous transplantation

Inoo, Kanako  ,  Bando, Hiroto  ,  Tabata, Yasuhiko

8pp.38 - 45 , 2018-06-01 , Elsevier BV
Introduction: The objective of this study is to evaluate the insulin secretion of mixed aggregates of insulinoma cells (INS-1) and gelatin hydrogel microspheres after their subcutaneous transplantation.
Methods: Gelatin hydrogel microspheres were prepared by the conventional w/o emulsion method. Cell aggregates mixed with or without the hydrogel microspheres were encapsulated into a pouched-device of polytetrafluoroethylene membrane. An agarose hydrogel or MedGel™ incorporating basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) was subcutaneously implanted to induce vascularization. After the vascularization induction, cell aggregates encapsulated in the pouched-device was transplanted. Results: The vascularization had the potential to enable transplanted cell aggregates to enhance the level of insulin secretion compared with those of no vascularization induction. In addition, the insulin secretion of cell aggregates was significantly promoted by the mixing of gelatin hydrogel microspheres even in the pouched-device encapsulated state. Conclusion: It is possible that the microspheres mixing gives cells in aggregates better survival condition, resulting in promoted insulin secretion.

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