Departmental Bulletin Paper <特集論文 2>序--装いの人類学に向けて -- 審美性への着目から
Introduction : Toward an Anthropology of Dress-Focused on Aesthetics

宮脇, 千絵  ,  風戸, 真理

9 ( 2017 )  , pp.264 - 278 , 2017-12-31 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科 文化人類学分野
Anthropological and sociological research concerning fashion and dress has discussed how fashion and dress are prescribed and changed by globalization of the production, distribution, and consumption, as well as by social order and identity. However, previous perspectives have overlooked the aspiration for the beauty of dress and the pleasure in the act of dressing in itself. Therefore, in this special issue, we discuss how people are dressing up, and why specific patterns of dress are preferred. In this article we define dress as not only clothing made from cloth, but also as bodily expression which conforms to the cultural and social norm. Four articles of this issue cover case studies of dress based on religious notions and specific faith, dress based on subsistence activities which are carried out and adapted to the local natural environment, and body decorations, such as tattoo and mutilation. The subject areas are Asia, such as Indonesia, Japan, Western Siberia, and Republic of Cameroon. We discovered that their dress practices are constructed by the aspiration for aesthetics of dress and the pleasure in the act of dressing in itself. This paper aims to develop a theory concerning fashion and dress through a new approach, which is focused on the aesthetics for body and the pleasure in dressing yourself, from various angles missed by previous research.

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