Departmental Bulletin Paper <特集論文 1>「縦深国境地帯」としてのメキシコ -- 中米移民をとりまく空間編成と社会関係についての試論
Mexico as a "Frontier Zone In-depth" : An Essay on Spatial Formation and Social Relationships Surrounding Central American Migrants

佐々木, 祐

9 ( 2017 )  , pp.242 - 263 , 2017-12-31 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科 文化人類学分野
The problem of "undocumented migrants" has been one of the biggest issues in contemporary society. It causes profound social transformations not only in the countries that take in immigrants but also in the countries from which they are sent, as well (especially Mexico and Central America). This essay utilizes fieldwork data to describe the existence of Central American immigrants and analyze various effects brought by the global movement of people. The situation of Central American migrants had not been given much attention in the past. However, their population has been on the rise recently and their victimization occurring through violence and marginalization in Mexico has come to light. This paper analyzes their peculiar spatial organization and then discusses the problems of the "culture of violence" and the "culture of transition". Furthermore, this paper argues that the diverse experiences of migrants in Mexico have been dividing them into two groups? "those who keep moving" and "those who choose to remain", while offering a detailed description of the circumstances surrounding both.

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