Departmental Bulletin Paper <論文>村落共同体を分ける/結ぶ聖像たち -- 現代メキシコ村落における共同体とカトリック教会の多面的関係
The Multifaceted Relationship between the Community and the Church the Case of a Rural Village in Mexico

川本, 直美

9 ( 2017 )  , pp.142 - 172 , 2017-12-31 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科 文化人類学分野
The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between people and the Catholic Church in a current rural village of Mexico, focusing on local politics over the care and custody of the child Jesus image. It has been shown that Central America has a civil-religious system that forms the basis of indigenous communities; Researchers have explored this by calling it a "cargo system." In preexisting research about cargo systems, these communities have been assumed to be closed, and discussion has been based on the points of how the cargo system functions within the community, or rather what kind of relationship the community has with the outside world through the cargo system. Regarding the relationship between the community and the church through this system, the two have been described one-sidedly, as exclusive identities which relationship is either conflictive or coexisting. This paper points out villagers construct a network of worshippers of the child Jesus image that extends outside of the village by allowing outsiders to also take charge of festivals. Although villagers continue the worship of the child Jesus image without the parish priest, they cooperate with him in other saint's festivals at the same time. It is namely their ambiguous attitude toward the institution. This paper indicates that the people newly organize their group based on the community that comes together on each individual occasion of the festival centered on their faith of each saint. In doing so, it also demonstrates the multifaceted relationship between the people and the Church. Likewise, this papar clarifies the pluralism of the child Jesus image which presumably represent the same being for everyone involved. Although villagers have a problem with the Church over an image, the instability of these religious groups makes it possible for them to maintain the community's religious festivals stably.

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