Departmental Bulletin Paper 定期的な腹部超音波検査で早期に診断できた自己導尿中患者の膀胱扁平上皮癌の1例
Early Diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder Reached by Routine Abdominal Ultrasonography in a Patient on Self-Catheterization : A Case Report

林, 裕次郎  ,  井上, 均  ,  野井, 拡  ,  福田, 聡子  ,  野間, 雅倫  ,  大橋, 寛嗣  ,  原, 恒男

63 ( 11 )  , pp.483 - 486 , 2017-11-30 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 69-year-old woman was referred to our department for refractory cystitis. Incomplete emptying of the bladder was observed, and symptoms did not improve after medication. Clean intermittent catheterization was initiated. Two years after introduction of catheterization, a mass in the bladder dome was detected by routine abdominal ultrasonography. She was diagnosed with malignant tumor of the bladder diverticulum based on cystoscopy, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Partial cystectomy and lymph node dissection was performed following transurethral resection of the bladder tumor. Histopathology revealed squamous cell carcinoma and no signs of lymph node metastasis. She is alive and recurrence-free 28 months after surgery.

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