Departmental Bulletin Paper 通信制高校における生徒支援の在り方の検討 -仕掛学の観点から-
Study on the way of student support in correspondence high school: from the viewpoint of "Shikakeology

長谷川, 陽平

In recent years, it is a correspondence high school which rapidly developed with the progress of ICT, but at the same time various problems have also come to surface. Among them, this paper pointed out the necessity of support for students at a correspondence high school again, and analyzes one of advanced cases from the viewpoint of "Shikakeology". Firstly, this paper clarified the attributes frequently possessed by students belonging to a correspondence high school in Japan from previous studies, and pointed out that there is a need for enriched support for students to continue attending classes and graduate from there. Then, this paper summarizes the support which is currently being carried out at the correspondence high school now through the case of Meisei High School. Secondly, this paper pointed out that such support is difficult for schools not enough teachers are stationed, and that it is necessary to find ways to support students without increasing the burden on teachers, even at such schools. Then, in searching for such support, this paper pointed out that "Shikakeology" is effective, and analyzed "Cyber Learning Country" which is an advanced example from the viewpoint of "Shikakeology". It is clear that the system of "Cyber Learning Country" to go to school on the Internet with avatar functions as support for students.

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