Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の教育分野における官民連携の議論に関する研究
A Literature Review of discussion on Public-Private Partnership in Education in Japan

平尾, 和正

In recent years, the collaboration between the public sector and the private sector gathers worldwide attention. The collaboration is called "Public-Private Partnership" and it is recognized as solutions to social problems. Public-private partnerships have also been practiced in the field of education in Japan, and it has been mentioned as academic research. However, the discussion of Public-Private Partnership in education in Japan was divided in the conventional research framework, and people could not grasped the overall picture of it. In this paper, we examine the debate about Public-Private Partnership which is mentioned in the educational studies and policy book etc. I analyzed by sorting out the discussion the following four issues of Public-Private partnership in this study; background theory, educational practice, school management and effect, education CSR. As a result, it was found that there was a necessity to change the research on the discussion of public-private partnership in the field of education in Japan, from analysis of the theory to analysis of cases to be practiced. In addition, this study suggests the importance of actively discussion with other academic fields and administrative fields to establish the theory of Public-Private Partnetship in education in the future.

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