Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における高大接続制度の実践と課題 -CAP(Chinese Advanced Placement)実施校の観点から-
Practice and Issues of Articulation between Upper Secondary Schools and Universities in China: From the viewpoint of the enforcement school of the Chinese Advanced Placement (CAP)

郭, 暁博

This paper will focus on Upper Secondary Schools and Universities of Chinese Advanced Placement (CAP), to verify effects and challenges of CAP. Specifically this paper is intended to review the role of the Chinese Society of Education that organizes CAP. It will try to explore on the basis of the questionnaire survey of the three parties, CAP implementation schools of managers, CAP participating teachers, students who are taking the CAP class. The result shows that first, in high schools, we evaluate positively that implementation of the CAP has effected, but recognition and understanding of the Articulation between Upper Secondary Schools and Universities is still far from being enough. As can be seen from the results of the questionnaire, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the principal and faculty's CAP implementation is different. While the principal positively evaluates the motivation for students to learn by implementing CAP, teachers and students do not appreciate it much. Second, although it was evaluated positively as a whole, there are problems of "design problem of teaching material "and "lack of information (related materials of the lesson and test information etc.)". In addition, not only CAP, it can be assumed that the cause is present in the environment surrounding the school. From now on, in order to respond to the needs of school, especially faculty teachers and students, the Chinese Society of Education should improve information provision, teaching material development, lesson content, exam format and so on.

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