Departmental Bulletin Paper 就学前教育の充実に向けた家庭への介入政策の検討 -米英の事例と保護者への質問紙調査を手がかりに-
The Study of the Intervention Policy toward Families to Enrich Preschool Education: By Reference to the Cases of U.S. and U.K. and a Questionnaire Survey for Parents in Japan

西川, 潤

Today, the importance of the preschool education is increasingly obvious. In Japan, however, it is often recognized as an issue of facility accommodation. This paper focuses on how to help families by reference to the cases in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey for parents is also added to the analysis. In the United States, the Head Start Program has been administered by the Federal Government since 1965. This is a comprehensive service which supports the economically disadvantaged children and their parents. The Perry Preschool Project shows strong and long-lasting effects on the preschool education. In the UK, from Sure Start's Local Program to the Children's Centre, the trend of preschool education which supports the families has been documented. The Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education also clarifies the long-term and positive effects on the preschool education. In Japan, the lack of evidence overshadows the formulation of specific preschool education policies. Questionnaire survey was conducted for the parents who had sent their children to kindergarten or nursery school in X Prefecture in Japan. As a result, it is suggested that the function as a center of child-rearing in the regional area required for kindergarten and nursery school is not working enough. In addition, the positive evaluation of children's lifestyle and discipline is relatively low. Furthermore, it is also suggested that the disparity in basic math skills has already occurred in the preschool stage. In conclusion, the support system involving families is needed in Japan. It can be said that, to embody the effective system, it is important to collect and analyze advanced cases in foreign countries.

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