Journal Article Spatial distribution of atomic and ion hydrogen flux and its effect on hydrogen recycling in long duration confined and non-confined plasmas

Kuzmin, A.  ,  Zushi, H.  ,  Takagi, I.  ,  Sharma, S.K.  ,  Kobayashi, M.  ,  Hirooka, Y.  ,  Onchi, T.  ,  Hanada, K.  ,  Yoshida, N.  ,  Nakamura, K.  ,  Fujisawa, A.  ,  Idei, H.  ,  Nagashima, Y.  ,  Hasegawa, M.  ,  Mutoh, T.  ,  Mishra, K.  ,  Ohwada, H.

12pp.627 - 632 , 2017-08 , Elsevier BV
In order to understand the atomic hydrogen distribution in different kinds of plasma and its influence on the recycling, two kinds of plasmas were used: non-confined annular electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) and confined long duration plasmas. The permeation probes are used to measure directly the atomic hydrogen flux at several poloidal positions. The permeation through metals due to the ion and atom component of the hydrogen flux to the wall is indistinguishable. To estimate the contribution of the ions directly, Langmuir probes were used. The Г[inc] profile behind the plasma facing components (PFCs) is almost constant, ∼2 ×10[18] H/s/m[2].

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