Journal Article Investigation of the η′N system using the linear sigma model

Sakai, Shuntaro  ,  Jido, Daisuke

2017 ( 1 ) 2017-01-01 , Oxford University Press (OUP)
In this paper, we investigate the η′Nη′N system using the three-flavor linear sigma model including the effect of flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking. The η′Nη′N bound state is also found in the case including flavor symmetry breaking and coupling with the ηNηN and πNπN channels. The η′Nη′N interaction becomes more attractive with the inclusion of flavor symmetry breaking, which causes mixing between the singlet and octet scalar mesons. The existence of such a bound state would have some impact on the η′η′ –nucleus system, which is of interest from both theoretical and experimental viewpoints.

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