Departmental Bulletin Paper [研究論文] ウクライナの総合的地域区分とその構成地域
[Articles] The Integral regional division of Ukraine and its composing regions

寺岡, 郁夫

At first, compares some social-economic regional divisions of Ukraine and by analyzing this, it is obvious that in six regions exists strong commonality. In the next unit, determining oblast as a unit, the author does regional division by each items, in other words by physical, demographical, natural-resource, industrial, and linguistic, using thematic maps in the atlas or statistics. Six cities are determined as a core city, in which lives more than 500 thousand people. Then overlays five color maps, what have same transparency, and finds commonality of oblasts by similarity of color. As a result, Ukraine is divided by six regions: Western, Central, Southern, South-eastern, North-eastern, and Eastern regions. Western region is composed by three subregions. Next the author writes about every divided region, and mentions about relationship with big regions or Ukraine. Finally, it is obvious that in Ukraine exist some various regions, not only two regions, and in this area exists the comparison of strong common periphery and not-integrated center. Future issues are analyzing place names of big regions in Ukraine, and comprehending formulation process of Ukrainian regions.

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