Journal Article Weyl invariance for generalized supergravity backgrounds from the doubled formalism

Sakamoto, Jun-ichi  ,  Sakatani, Yuho  ,  Yoshida, Kentaroh

2017 ( 5 ) 2017-05-01 , Oxford University Press (OUP)
It has recently been shown that a set of the generalized type IIB supergravity equations follows from the requirement of kappa symmetry of the type IIB Green–Schwarz superstring theory defined on an arbitrary background. In this paper, we show that the whole bosonic part of the generalized type II supergravity equations can be reproduced from the $T$-duality covariant equations of motion of the double field theory by choosing a non-standard solution of the strong constraint. Then, by using the doubled formalism, we show the Weyl invariance of the bosonic string sigma model on a generalized gravity background. According to the dual-coordinate dependence of the dilaton, the Fradkin–Tseytlin term nicely removes the Weyl anomaly. This result seems likely to support that string theories can be consistently defined on arbitrary generalized supergravity backgrounds.

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