Article 6. Life Science and Medical Science
I. Annual Summary of Experimental Research Activities. I-2. COLLABORATION RESEARCHES

2016 ( APRIL 2016 - MARCH 2017 )  , pp.87 - 93 , 2017-07The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
In case that corrections are made, an errata will be provided in the following webpage:
CO6-1 Design and Synthesis of Boron-containing Compounds for Effective Accumulaion in Tumor Tissues and Detection by Boron Magnetic Resonance Imaging /S. Aoki et al. (28004) [87]
CO6-2 Study of Localization Estimation of Abasic Sites in DNA Irradiated with Ionizing Radiation /K. Akamatsu et al. (28019) [88]
CO6-3 Age-related Stresses Induce Asp Isomerizations of αA-crystallin in Lens /T. Takata and N. Fujii (28024) [89]
CO6-4 LC-MS/MS Analysis of Post-translational Modifications of Lens Protein in Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa /Y. Ikeda et al. (28045) [90]
CO6-5 Purification, Crystallization, and X-ray Diffraction Study of Lysozyme in D2O and H2O Solution /T. Chatake et al. (28046) [91]
CO6-6 Measurement of Transmittance Spectra of a Cryo-Sectioned Tissue of Brain Tumor C6 Model in the Sub-Terahertz Reagion-IV /T. Takahashi and N. Miyoshi (28059) [92]
CO6-7 The Study for Development and Application of Tissue Equivalent Neutron Dosimeter /T. Oita et al. (28083) [93]

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