Article Project 12 Improvement of Characterization Techinques in High-Energy-Particle Irradiation Research (28P12)
I. Annual Summary of Experimental Research Activities. I-1. PROJECT RESEARCHES

Kinomura, A.

2016 ( APRIL 2016 - MARCH 2017 )  , pp.50 - 57 , 2017-07 , The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
In case that corrections are made, an errata will be provided in the following webpage:
PR12-1 Study on Efficient Use of Positron Moderation Materials /A. Kinomura et al. (28P12-1) [51]
PR12-2 Effects of Electron-irradiation on Cu Solubility and Diffusivity in Fe Studied by Three Dimensional Atom Probe /K. Nagumo et al. (28P12-2) [52]
PR12-3 Irradiation Defects of F82H Irradiated at SINQ Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy /K. Sato et al. (28P12-3) [53]
PR12-4 Study on Irradiation Effect and Electrical and Optical Properties of Compound Semiconductors /K. Kuriyama et al. (28P12-4) [54]
PR12-5 Validation of D3×t0.5 TEM Disk Size Miniature Test Specimens for Post-irradiation Thermal Diffusivity Measurement /M. Akiyoshi and A. Kinomura (28P12-5) [55]
PR12-6 Positron Annihilation Study on Fe-Cr binary alloy after Electron Irradiation /T. Onitsuka et al. (28P12-6) [56]
PR12-7 Thermal Stability of Diamond-like Carbon Films /S. Nakao et al. (28P12-8) [57]

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