Article Project 6 Translational Research on BNCT for Clinical Application (28P6)
I. Annual Summary of Experimental Research Activities. I-1. PROJECT RESEARCHES

Suzuki, M.

2016 ( APRIL 2016 - MARCH 2017 )  , pp.30 - 38 , 2017-07 , The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
In case that corrections are made, an errata will be provided in the following webpage:
PR6-1 Preliminary Formulation of 10Borono-phenylaranine Entrapped WOW Emulsion for Neutron Capture Therapy to Hepatocellular Carcinoma /H. Yanagie et al. (28P6-6) [31]
PR6-2 Pre-BNCT Biodistribution of p-borono-L-phenylalanine in Metastatic Bone of Human Breast Cancer-bearing Animal Model /F. Fujimoto et al. (28P6-14) [32]
PR6-3 Nanoparticle-assisted Boron Neutron Capture Therapeutics: Design of Novel Boron-Containing Nanoparticle for ROS Scavenging Ability Improving Therapeutic Efficiency with Low Adverse Effect /Z. Gao et al. (28P6-15) [33]
PR6-4 Toxicity Evaluation of 10BSH Entrapped WOW Emulsion on Intra-arterial Delivery in Rabbits for Neutron Capture Therapy to Hepatocellular Carcinoma /H. Yanagie et al. (28P6-17) [34]
PR6-5 Exfoliation of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheet with Chlorin e6 and Application of the Composite to Cancer Photodynamic Therapy /K. Maruyama and N. Komatsu (28P6-21) [35]
PR6-6 Establishment of QA/QC Using Ionization Chamber and Bonner Sphere in BNCT Field (III) /Y. Sakurai et al. (28P6-22) [36]
PR6-7 Calculational Survey of Converter Configuration for Quality Assurance of Beam Component Distribution at KUR Using Imaging Plate /K. Tanaka et al. (28P6-23) [37]
PR6-8 Initial Test Operation of Patient-Position-Error Measuring System for BNCT Irradiation /T. Tanaka et al. (28P6-26) [38]

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