Article Project 3 Studies on Actinides and Fission Products Performed at the KURRI Hot Laboratory (28P3)
I. Annual Summary of Experimental Research Activities. I-1. PROJECT RESEARCHES

Fujii, T.

2016 ( APRIL 2016 - MARCH 2017 )  , pp.11 - 19 , 2017-07 , The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
In case that corrections are made, an errata will be provided in the following webpage:
PR3-1 Solubility of Tetravalent Metal Hydroxide in the Presence of Isosaccharinic Acid /T. Sasaki et al. (28P3-1) [12]
PR3-2 Solubility of Zr(OH)4(am) in the Presence of Carbonate Ion in Dilute to Concentrated NaNO3 /T. Kobayashi et al. (28P3-2) [13]
PR3-3 Electrochemical Analysis for the Redox Reaction of UO2 2+ in Calcium Chloride Hydrate Melts /A. Uehara et al. (28P3-5) [14]
PR3-4 Electronic Absorption Spectra of Selenium in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melt /Y. Sakamura et al. (28P3-6) [15]
PR3-5 Coordination Structure around La3+ Ion in Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of LiCl /N. Ohtori et al. (28P3-7) [16]
PR3-6 Study of Isotope Separation of Strontium and Calcium via Chemical Exchange Reaction /R. Hazama et al. (28P3-9) [17]
PR3-7 Mutual Separation of Nd and Pr by Molten Salt Electrolysis /H. Sekimoto et al. (28P3-10) [18]
PR3-8 Correction of Coincidence Sum Effect by Using 134Cs and 137Cs Produced through a Photo Nuclear Reaction /T. Kubota et al. (28P3-11) [19]

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