Journal Article Tbx3-dependent amplifying stem cell progeny drives interfollicular epidermal expansion during pregnancy and regeneration

Ichijo, Ryo  ,  Kobayashi, Hiroki  ,  Yoneda, Saori  ,  Iizuka, Yui  ,  Kubo, Hirokazu  ,  Matsumura, Shigeru  ,  Kitano, Satsuki  ,  Miyachi, Hitoshi  ,  Honda, Tetsuya  ,  Toyoshima, Fumiko

82017-09-11 , Springer Nature
妊娠期に腹部の皮膚が広がる仕組みの一端をマウスで解明. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2017-09-13.
The skin surface area varies flexibly in response to body shape changes. Skin homeostasis is maintained by stem cells residing in the basal layer of the interfollicular epidermis. However, how the interfollicular epidermal stem cells response to physiological body shape changes remains elusive. Here, we identify a highly proliferative interfollicular epidermal basal cell population in the rapidly expanding abdominal skin of pregnant mice. These cells express Tbx3 that is necessary for their propagation to drive skin expansion. The Tbx3+ basal cells are generated from Axin2+ interfollicular epidermal stem cells through planar-oriented asymmetric or symmetric cell divisions, and express transit-amplifying cell marker CD71. This biased division of Axin2+ interfollicular epidermal stem cells is induced by Sfrp1 and Igfbp2 proteins secreted from dermal cells. The Tbx3+ basal cells promote wound repair, which is enhanced by Sfrp1 and Igfbp2. This study elucidates the interfollicular epidermal stem cell/progeny organisation during pregnancy and suggests its application in regenerative medicine.

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