Departmental Bulletin Paper The Agrarian Transformation in Northeastern Thailand: A Review of Recent Research
Rural Northeast Thailand in Transition: Recent Changes and Their Implications for the Long-Term Transformation of the Region

Rambo, A. Terry

6 ( 2 )  , pp.211 - 245 , 2017-08 , Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Rural Northeast Thailand has been undergoing rapid change in recent years, a process that can be referred to as an "agrarian transformation". This transformation involves a major restructuring of agriculture from being subsistence oriented to market oriented. It also involves concomitant changes in all components of the agricultural system, including technology, economic orientation, social relations, and cultural values. This paper presents a review of a large volume of recent research on several key dimensions of the agrarian transformation: (1) agricultural intensification, diversification, and specialization; (2) technological change and the continuing role of traditional technology in rural life; (3) the epidemiological transition and changes in health and disease risks; and (4) social system changes, including in the nature of rural-urban interactions, population structure, household composition and livelihood systems, community social organization, and cultural values and aspirations.

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