Journal Article Ultra-large single crystals by abnormal grain growth

Kusama, Tomoe  ,  Omori, Toshihiro  ,  Saito, Takashi  ,  Kise, Sumio  ,  Tanaka, Toyonobu  ,  Araki, Yoshikazu  ,  Kainuma, Ryosuke

82017-08-25 , Springer Nature
金属分野の常識を打ち破る、単結晶成長メカニズムを解明 --形状記憶合金の量産プロセス開発で耐震分野の実用化に道筋 --. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2017-08-28.
Producing a single crystal is expensive because of low mass productivity. Therefore, many metallic materials are being used in polycrystalline form, even though material properties are superior in a single crystal. Here we show that an extraordinarily large Cu-Al-Mn single crystal can be obtained by abnormal grain growth (AGG) induced by simple heat treatment with high mass productivity. In AGG, the sub-boundary energy introduced by cyclic heat treatment (CHT) is dominant in the driving pressure, and the grain boundary migration rate is accelerated by repeating the low-temperature CHT due to the increase of the sub-boundary energy. With such treatment, fabrication of single crystal bars 70 cm in length is achieved. This result ensures that the range of applications of shape memory alloys will spread beyond small-sized devices to large-scale components and may enable new applications of single crystals in other metallic and ceramics materials having similar microstructural features.

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