Departmental Bulletin Paper Mathematical Studies on Structural Chemistry

Mezey, Paul G.

2017pp.1 - 5 , 2017-07-05 , 京都大学未来創成学国際研究ユニット
The trans-disciplinary advantages of utilizing both mathematical developments and new chemical knowledge in structural chemistry, where this specific field involves fundamental physical, specifically, quantum physical fetures of molecular structures, are providing the basis for new research studies under the present project “Mathematical Studies on Structural Chemistry“. These studies include some relevant biochemical and even medicinal chemistry problems, in part conneted to the earlier project of 2016, on cataract formation in the human eye caused by chirality changes in the L to D transformations of Aspartic Acid, and also studies focusing on the general patterns of such trans-disciplinary research fields, where components of the mathematical background, as illustrated by underlying principles in structural chemistry, serve as analogies for several of the currently undergoing developments in a far broader sense. Some of the principles observed in the above area of the overlap between mathematics and structural chemistry, also appear as valid in many current, far more general scientific and even more general human activities, as caused by the unprecedented interconnectedness brought about by the internet, that is the main factor of the highly accelerated changes in science, humanities, even art, as well as economy, providing a new level of integration of both intellectual and technical advances in society. Based on these principles, within this new research project, two specific studies have been started.

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