Journal Article Two Coiled-Coil Proteins, WEB1 and PMI2, Suppress the Signaling Pathway of Chloroplast Accumulation Response that Is Mediated by Two Phototropin-Interacting Proteins, RPT2 and NCH1, in Seed Plants

Suetsugu, Noriyuki  ,  Wada, Masamitsu

Chloroplast movement is induced by blue light in a broad range of plant species. Weak light induces the chloroplast accumulation response and strong light induces the chloroplast avoidance response. Both responses are essential for efficient photosynthesis and are mediated by phototropin blue-light receptors. J-DOMAIN PROTEIN REQUIRED FOR CHLOROPLAST ACCUMULATION RESPONSE 1 (JAC1) and two coiled-coil domain proteins WEAK CHLOROPLAST MOVEMENT UNDER BLUE LIGHT 1 (WEB1) and PLASTID MOVEMENT IMPAIRED 2 (PMI2) are required for phototropin-mediated chloroplast movement. Genetic analysis suggests that JAC1 is essential for the accumulation response and WEB1/PMI2 inhibit the accumulation response through the suppression of JAC1 activity under the strong light. We recently identified two phototropin-interacting proteins, ROOT PHOTOTROPISM 2 (RPT2) and NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) PROTEIN FOR CHLOROPLAST MOVEMENT 1 (NCH1) as the signaling components involved in chloroplast accumulation response. However, the relationship between RPT2/NCH1, JAC1 and WEB1/PMI2 remained to be determined. Here, we performed genetic analysis between RPT2/NCH1, JAC1, and WEB1/PMI2 to elucidate the signal transduction pathway.

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