Journal Article The emergence and transient behaviour of collective motion in active filament systems

Suzuki, Ryo  ,  Bausch, Andreas R.

82017-06-28 , Springer Nature
Most living systems, ranging from animal flocks, self-motile microorganisms to the cytoskeleton rely on self-organization processes to perform their own specific function. Despite its importance, the general understanding of how individual active constituents initiate the intriguing pattern formation phenomena on all these different length scales still remains elusive. Here, using a high density actomyosin motility assay system, we show that the observed collective motion arises from a seeding process driven by enhanced acute angle collisions. Once a critical size is reached, the clusters coarsen into high and low density phases each with fixed filament concentrations. The steady state is defined by a balance of collision induced randomization and alignment effects of the filaments by multi-filament collisions within ordered clusters.

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