Journal Article A RHO Small GTPase Regulator ABR Secures Mitotic Fidelity in Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Ohgushi, Masatoshi  ,  Minaguchi, Maki  ,  Eiraku, Mototsugu  ,  Sasai, Yoshiki

9 ( 1 )  , pp.58 - 66 , 2017-07-11 , Elsevier BV
Pluripotent stem cells can undergo repeated self-renewal while retaining genetic integrity, but they occasionally acquire aneuploidy during long-term culture, which is a practical obstacle for medical applications of human pluripotent stem cells. In this study, we explored the biological roles of ABR, a regulator of RHO family small GTPases, and found that it has pivotal roles during mitotic processes in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). Although ABR has been shown to be involved in dissociation-induced hESC apoptosis, it does not appear to have direct effects on cell survival unless cell-cell contact is impaired. Instead, we found that it is important for faithful hESC division. Mechanistically, ABR depletion compromised centrosome dynamics and predisposed the cell to chromosome misalignment and missegregation, which raised the frequency of aneuploidy. These results provide insights into the mechanisms that support the genetic integrity of self-renewing hESCs.

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