Journal Article Application of principal component analysis for improvement of X-ray fluorescence images obtained by polycapillary-based micro-XRF technique

Aida, S.  ,  Matsuno, T.  ,  Hasegawa, T.  ,  Tsuji, K.

Micro X-ray fluorescence (micro-XRF) analysis is repeated as a means of producing elemental maps. In some cases, however, the XRF images of trace elements that are obtained are not clear due to high background intensity. To solve this problem, we applied principal component analysis (PCA) to XRF spectra. We focused on improving the quality of XRF images by applying PCA. XRF images of the dried residue of standard solution on the glass substrate were taken. The XRF intensities for the dried residue were analyzed before and after PCA. Standard deviations of XRF intensities in the PCA-filtered images were improved, leading to clear contrast of the images. This improvement of the XRF images was effective in cases where the XRF intensity was weak.

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