Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート>アンチペロブスカイト酸化物の新超伝導体Sr(3-x)SnO
<Research Report>New superconductor: the antiperovskite oxide Sr(3-x)SnO

米澤, 進吾

30pp.10 - 17 , 2017-06 , 京都大学物性科学センター
The antiperovskite (inverse perovskite) oxides are charge-inverted analogues of the ordinary perovskite oxides. In this article, we explain our recent discovery of superconductivity in Sr(3-x)SnO, the first superconductor among the antiperovskite oxides. The pristine compound without Sr deficiency is a candidate of the Dirac semimetal. We found that the Sr-deficient compound exhibits superconductivity with the critical temperature of around 5 K, due to doped hole carriers. Theoretically, it is proposed that the strong mixing of d and p orbitals in the valence band can lead to topological superconductivity in Sr(3-x)SnO.

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