Journal Article Trajectory control of manipulator fed by power packets

Mochiyama, Shiu  ,  Takahashi, Ryo  ,  Hikihara, Takashi

45 ( 6 )  , pp.832 - 842 , 2017-06 , John Wiley and Sons Ltd
The conventional power supply is based on a continuous flow of electricity. Electrically driven independent systems face the limitations of flexibility and efficiency of power management in a network consisting of power sources, converters, and loads. The power packet dispatching system, where electricity is transferred in a discretized form with information, is expected to remove the limitations. The system realizes a dynamic arrangement of power-line connection between power sources and loads. In this paper, we focus on its application to a manipulator. This is an example of electro-mechanical actuation in independent systems. We verify the trajectory control of the manipulator fed by power packets numerically and experimentally. The results indicate that power packets as a discretized transfer of electricity can be applied to the electro-mechanical actuation.

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