Journal Article The Odd story of α′-corrections

Baron, Walter H.  ,  Fernández-Melgarejo, José J.  ,  Marqués, Diego  ,  Nuñez, Carmen A.

2017 ( 4 ) 2017-4 , Springer Nature
The α′-deformed frame-like Double Field Theory (DFT) is a T-duality and gauge invariant extension of DFT in which generalized Green-Schwarz transformations provide a gauge principle that fixes the higher-derivative corrections. It includes all the first order α′-corrections of the bosonic and heterotic string low energy effective actions and of the Hohm-Siegel-Zwiebach α′-geometry. Here we gauge this theory and parameterize it in terms of a frame, a two-form, a dilaton, gauge vectors and scalar fields. This leads to a unified framework that extends the previous construction by including all duality constrained interactions in generic (gauged/super)gravity effective field theories in arbitrary number of dimensions, to first order in α′.

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