Journal Article CMB anomalies and the effects of local features of the inflaton potential

Gallego Cadavid, Alexander  ,  Romano, Antonio Enea

77 ( 4 ) 2017-4 , Springer Nature
Recent analysis of the WMAP and Planck data have shown the presence of a dip and a bump in the spectrum of primordial perturbations at the scales k=0.002k=0.002 Mpc[−1] and k=0.0035k=0.0035 Mpc[−1], respectively. We analyze for the first time the effects of a local feature in the inflaton potential to explain the observed deviations from scale invariance in the primordial spectrum. We perform a best-fit analysis of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation temperature and polarization data. The effects of the features can improve the agreement with observational data respect to the featureless model. The best-fit local feature affects the primordial curvature spectrum mainly in the region of the bump, leaving the spectrum unaffected on other scales.

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