Journal Article Reduction of interface state density in SiC (0001) MOS structures by post-oxidation Ar annealing at high temperature

Kobayashi, Takuma  ,  Suda, Jun  ,  Kimoto, Tsunenobu

7 ( 4 ) 2017-04-01 , American Institute of Physics Inc.
We found that post-oxidation Ar annealing at high temperature is effective in reducing the interface state density (Dit) near the conduction band edge (EC) of SiC (0001) MOS structures. The Dit reduction effect is comparable to that of nitridation process (annealing in nitric oxide (NO)) which has been a standard in SiC MOS technologies, without introducing any foreign atoms into the interface/oxide. The generation of fast interface states, which have been pointed out as a problem of nitridation process, is suppressed in the case of Ar annealing. In the proposed method, the final Dit values are mainly determined by the Ar annealing temperature rather than the initial oxidation temperature. The Dit values are not sensitive to the cooling speed, which means that rapid cooling is not necessary in the proposed method.

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