Conference Paper Supercoset construction of Yang-Baxter deformed AdS5×S5 backgrounds

Hideki, Kyono

8042017-04-04 , Institute of Physics Publishing
We consider Yang-Baxter deformations of the AdS5×S5 superstring theory. In previous works, the metric and B-field of some well-known string backgrounds concerned with the AdS/CFT correspondence have been obtained as deformations of AdS5×S5 based on r-matrices satisfying the homogeneous Yang-Baxter equation. Recently, the remaining fields including the Ramond-Ramond fields and the dilaton have been derived completely by performing the supercoset construction for abelian r-matrices. We also discuss the deformation with a non-abelian r-matrix and, in this case, the resulting background is not a solution of the type IIB supergravity. This article is based on the original paper.

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