Journal Article Generic decoding of seen and imagined objects using hierarchical visual features.

Horikawa, Tomoyasu  ,  Kamitani, Yukiyasu

82017-05-22 , Springer Nature
脳から深層ニューラルネットワークへの信号変換による脳内イメージ解読--「脳-機械融合知能」の実現に向けて--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2017-05-22.
Object recognition is a key function in both human and machine vision. While brain decoding of seen and imagined objects has been achieved, the prediction is limited to training examples. We present a decoding approach for arbitrary objects using the machine vision principle that an object category is represented by a set of features rendered invariant through hierarchical processing. We show that visual features, including those derived from a deep convolutional neural network, can be predicted from fMRI patterns, and that greater accuracy is achieved for low-/high-level features with lower-/higher-level visual areas, respectively. Predicted features are used to identify seen/imagined object categories (extending beyond decoder training) from a set of computed features for numerous object images. Furthermore, decoding of imagined objects reveals progressive recruitment of higher-to-lower visual representations. Our results demonstrate a homology between human and machine vision and its utility for brain-based information retrieval.

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