Departmental Bulletin Paper 腎甲状腺様濾胞癌の1例
A Case of Thyroid-Like Follicular Carcinoma of the Kidney

伊藤, 克弘  ,  根来, 宏光  ,  久保田, 聖史  ,  高田, 秀明  ,  曲渕, 敏博  ,  澤田, 篤郎  ,  赤松, 秀輔  ,  小林, 恭  ,  寺田, 直樹  ,  山﨑, 俊成  ,  井上, 貴博  ,  神波, 大己  ,  寺本, 祐記  ,  小川, 修

63 ( 4 )  , pp.145 - 149 , 2017-04-30 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 51-year-oldwoman with a right renal mass was referredto our hospital. Computedtomographic (CT) scan demonstrated a 30 mm-diameter renal mass with delayed enhancement. She underwent a robotassistedlaparoscopic right partial nephrectomy. The pathological examination showedthat tumor cells with eosinophilic, clear cytoplasm formedtubules of various sizes containing colloid-like material, which resembled the findings of thyroidfollicular carcinoma. The tumor was immunoreactive for vimentin andcytokeratin (CK) 7, whereas it lackedreactivity for thyroidtranscription factor-1 (TTF-1) or thyroglobulin. No tumors were detectedin the thyroidglandor other organs of the patient. Subsequently, the diagnosis of thyroidlike follicular carcinoma of the kidney (TLFCK) was determined. At 4 months postoperatively, the patient is alive with no evidence of disease recurrence. TLFCK is an extremely rare subtype of renal cancer, and only 26 cases have been reportedpreviously. We provide a brief literature review on this cancer.

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