Journal Article <論文・報告>Study on Sleeping Improvement by the Daily Cycle Control of Illumination Lamp Irradiation

Matsuyama, Ayaka

2pp.18 - 20 , 2017-03 , 京都大学学際融合教育研究推進センター高大接続科学教育ユニット
In recent years, inadequate sleep time has become a serious issue among Japanese people. Lack of adequate sleep causes various problems, including reduced productivity. Therefore, I focused on the process of waking up. The mechanisms of human awakening were studied with the goal of determining whether existing products provide the most efficient method for promoting awakening. Humans were easily awakened by suppressing hormonal secretion of melatonin, and manipulation of illumination was evaluated as a method for achieving this suppression. Specifically, wavelengths of blue light (420 to 480 nm) were more effective for suppression of melatonin secretion and promoting awakening. On the other hand, to promote sleep, it was sufficient to accelerate the secretion of melatonin and control brightness of illumination, thereby creating a sleep-friendly condition. In this study, we proposed a ceiling light, distinct from existing products, that is specialized for promoting sleep. 近年,日本人の睡眠不足が大きな問題となっている.また,睡眠不足により生産性の低下などの様々な問題が生じている.ここでは「起きる」ということに注目した.人間が目覚める仕組みを研究し,既存の製品が最も効率的な起こし方であるのかを探った.メラトニンというホルモンの分泌を抑制することにより,目が覚めやすくなることがわかった.メラトニンの分泌は光によって抑制されるので,光を利用する方法が有効であると考えた.特に420 nm-480 nm の青色光がメラトニンの分泌抑制と覚醒に有効である.一方,眠るためにはメラトニンの分泌を促進すればよいので,夜は光を調節し,眠りやすい環境づくりを行う.以上より,既存の製品とは差別化された,睡眠に特化したシーリングライトを考えた

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