Journal Article Multiferroic Phases and Transitions in Ferroelectric Lead Titanate Nanodots

Xu, Tao  ,  Shimada, Takahiro  ,  Uratani, Yoshitaka  ,  Wang, Xiaoyuan  ,  Wang, Jie  ,  Kitamura, Takayuki

72017-04-03 , Springer Nature
Discovery of novel phases and their associated transitions in low-dimensional nanoscale systems is of central interest as the origin of emergent phenomena and new device paradigms. Although typical ferroelectrics such as PbTiO3 exhibit diverse phase transition sequences, the conventional incompatible mechanisms of ferroelectricity and magnetism keep them as simply nonmagnetic phases, despite the immense practical prospective of multiferroics in novel functional devices. Here, we demonstrate using density function theory that PbTiO3 nanodots exhibit unconventional multiferroic phase transitions. The nanosize and nonstoichiometric effects intrinsic to nanodots bring about the coexistence of ferromagnetism with the host electric polarization, mediated by the termination and surface morphology. We also predict the key features of the size-dependent phase diagram of nanodots that involve a rich sequence of ferroelectric-multiferroic-ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic (FE-MF-FM/NM) multiferroic phase transitions. The present work thus provides an avenue to realizing multiferroics and multifunctional oxides in low-dimensional systems.

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