Departmental Bulletin Paper <実践報告>キットビルド概念マップと組み合わせた映像講義による選択的再視聴支援システムの実践利用と利用結果の分析
<Educational Practice Reports>Experimental Uses of Selective Re-Viewing Support System Based on Kit-build Concept Map with Video Lecture

林, 雄介  ,  前田, 啓輔  ,  本多, 俊雄  ,  北村, 拓也  ,  茅島, 路子  ,  平, 嶋宗

22pp.1 - 9 , 2016-12-01 , 京都大学高等教育研究開発推進センター
On the one hand, video lectures are currently widely used across individual learning, blended learning, flipped classroom and so on, confirming the validity of video lectures as an educational tool. On the other hand, there is a key difficulty associated with learning through free viewing of video: some learners find it difficult to select a section of a video within their understanding. To help such learners, it is important to let learners (1) test their own understanding and (2) identify a part of the video related to their understanding. In response to this problem, a system has been developed to support learners' re-viewing: the Kit-build concept map. This paper outlines three experimental uses of said system in university lectures. The results demonstrate that, for those who use the re-viewing support more than once, their concept map can be appropriately modified within the support function to enhance their understanding.

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