Article かりん 第9号
かりん : 京都大学吉田南総合図書館報 = Kyoto University Yoshida-South Library bulletin

前川 玲子 [p. 02]
吉田 千裕 [p. 04]
朝田 秀一 [p. 06]
羽尾 一樹 [p. 08]
木下 千花 [p. 10]
<特集:メディアの多面性>メディア × アートで世界は変わるのか? /土佐 尚子 [p. 12]
加藤 和人 [p. 14]
<自著を語る>ディープ・アクティブラーニング : 大学授業を深化させるために
松下 佳代 [p. 16]
<自著を語る>レナード・ウルフと国際連盟 : 理想と現実の間で
籔田 有紀子 [p. 18]
<自著を語る>言語への目覚め活動 : 複言語主義に基づく教授法
大山 万容 [p. 20]
寄贈図書 吉田南構内各部局教員及び関係者寄贈図書 [p. 22]
特別図書紹介 [p. 23]
図書館の活動 [p. 24]
<Prologue>Thoughts on My Own Reading Style
MAEKAWA Reiko [p. 02]
<Voices>Place for Rest
YOSHIDA Chihiro [p. 04]
<Voices>How to Meet "Good Books"
ASADA Shuichi [p. 06]
<Voices>Traveling from the Library
HAO Kazuki [p. 08]
<Special feature: Multiplicity of Media>Movie Theaters as Medium
KINOSHITA Chika [p. 10]
<Special feature: Multiplicity of Media>Can the combination of Media × Art change the world?
TOSA Naoko [p. 12]
<Special feature: Multiplicity of Media>The Fun in Multidisciplinary International Projects and Communication Tools
KATO Kazuto [p. 14]
<Author's Book Review>Deep Active Learning: Toward Greater Depth in University Education
MATSUSHITA Kayo [p. 16]
<Author's Book Review>Leonard Woolf and the League of Nations: Between Ideals and Reality
YABUTA Yukiko [p. 18]
<Author's Book Review>Awakening to Languages: an educational approach for plurilingual education
OOYAMA Mayo [p. 20]
<Donated books>Donated books from the people concerned with Yoshida-South Campus [p. 22]
Introduction of Special Collections [p. 23]
Activities [p. 24]

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