Journal Article Apparent Power Law Scaling of Variable Range Hopping Conduction in Carbonized Polymer Nanofibers

Kim, Kyung Ho  ,  Lara-Avila, Samuel  ,  Kang, Hojin  ,  He, Hans  ,  Eklӧf, Johnas  ,  Hong, Sung Ju  ,  Park, Min  ,  Moth-Poulsen, Kasper  ,  Matsushita, Satoshi  ,  Akagi, Kazuo  ,  Kubatkin, Sergey  ,  Park, Yung Woo

62016-11-25 , Springer Nature
We induce dramatic changes in the structure of conducting polymer nanofibers by carbonization at 800°C and compare charge transport properties between carbonized and pristine nanofibers. Despite the profound structural differences, both types of systems display power law dependence of current with voltage and temperature, and all measurements can be scaled into a single universal curve. We analyze our experimental data in the framework of variable range hopping and argue that this mechanism can explain transport properties of pristine polymer nanofibers as well.

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