Journal Article Electron hybrid code simulation of whistler-mode chorus generation with real parameters in the Earth's inner magnetosphere

Katoh, Yuto  ,  Omura, Yoshiharu

682016-11-25 , Springer Nature
We carry out a self-consistent simulation of the generation process of whistler-mode chorus by a spatially one-dimensional electron hybrid code, by assuming the magnetic field inhomogeneity corresponding to L = 4 of the dipole field. Chorus emissions with rising tones are reproduced in the simulation result, while the frequency range, sweep rate, and the amplitude profiles in the spectra of the reproduced elements are consistently explained by the nonlinear wave growth theory. We compare the simulation results with the observation by the Cluster spacecraft (Santolik et al. in J Geophys Res 108:1278, 2003, doi:10.1029/2002JA009791; Santolik in Nonlinear Process Geophys 15:621–630, 2008) and reveal similarities of the spectral fine structure of reproduced chorus elements with the observation. On the other hand, there is no gap at half the gyrofrequency in the spectra of the reproduced chorus elements, which is evident in the observation. This difference implies that the mechanism of a gap at half the gyrofrequency is governed by the process that is not described by the spatially one-dimensional simulation treating purely parallel propagating electromagnetic waves.

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