Journal Article Effect of second-phase particles on the properties of W-based materials under high-heat loading

Tan, Xiao–Yue  ,  Li, Ping  ,  Luo, Lai–Ma  ,  Xu, Qiu  ,  Tokunaga, Kazutoshi  ,  Zan, Xiang  ,  Wu, Yu–Cheng

9pp.399 - 404 , 2016-12 , Elsevier BV
W, W-TaC, and W-TiC materials were subjected to heat–load tests in an electron beam facility (10 keV, 8 kW) at 100 pulses. After heat loading, severe cracks and plastic deformation were detected on the surface of pure W materials. However, plastic deformation was the primary change on the surfaces of W-TaC and W-TiC alloys. This phenomenon was due to the second-phase (TaC and TiC) particles dispersed in the W matrix, which strengthened the grain boundaries and prevented crack formation and propagation. In addition, the microhardness of W and W-TiC obviously decreased, whereas that of W-TaC did not change considerably before and after heat loading.

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