Journal Article SOX10-Nano-Lantern Reporter Human iPS Cells; A Versatile Tool for Neural Crest Research

Horikiri, Tomoko  ,  Ohi, Hiromi  ,  Shibata, Mitsuaki  ,  Ikeya, Makoto  ,  Ueno, Morio  ,  Sotozono, Chie  ,  Kinoshita, Shigeru  ,  Sato, Takahiko

12 ( 1 ) 2017-01-20 , Public Library of Science
The neural crest is a source to produce multipotent neural crest stem cells that have a potential to differentiate into diverse cell types. The transcription factor SOX10 is expressed through early neural crest progenitors and stem cells in vertebrates. Here we report the generation of SOX10-Nano-lantern (NL) reporter human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPS) by using CRISPR/Cas9 systems, that are beneficial to investigate the generation and maintenance of neural crest progenitor cells. SOX10-NL positive cells are produced transiently from hiPS cells by treatment with TGFβ inhibitor SB431542 and GSK3 inhibitor CHIR99021. We found that all SOX10-NL-positive cells expressed an early neural crest marker NGFR, however SOX10-NL-positive cells purified from differentiated hiPS cells progressively attenuate their NL-expression under proliferation. We therefore attempted to maintain SOX10-NL-positive cells with additional signaling on the plane and sphere culture conditions. These SOX10-NL cells provide us to investigate mass culture with neural crest cells for stem cell research.

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