Journal Article Photoacoustic mammography capable of simultaneously acquiring photoacoustic and ultrasound images

Asao, Yasufumi  ,  Hashizume, Yohei  ,  Suita, Takahiro  ,  Nagae, Ken Ichi  ,  Fukutani, Kazuhiko  ,  Sudo, Yoshiaki  ,  Matsushita, Toshikazu  ,  Kobayashi, Shuichi  ,  Tokiwa, Mariko  ,  Yamaga, Iku  ,  Fakhrejahani, Elham  ,  Torii, Masae  ,  Kawashima, Masahiro  ,  Takada, Masahiro  ,  Kanao, Shotaro  ,  Kataoka, Masako  ,  Shiina, Tsuyoshi  ,  Toi, Masakazu

21 ( 11 ) 2016-11-23 , SPIE
We have constructed a prototype photoacoustic mammography system (PAM-02) capable of simultaneously acquiring photoacoustic (PA) and ultrasound (US) images. Each PA, US, and fused PA/US image can be acquired over a wide area of the breast using the scanning module of a US transducer, a PA detector, and optical prisms. The resolution of the PA images exhibits improvement from 2 to 1 mm compared to images acquired using our previous prototype. The maximum scan area of PAM-02 is 90 mm along the horizontal axis and 150 mm along the vertical axis. In a phantom experiment, the available depth was at least 45 mm. A representative example of the application of the PAM-02 prototype in clinical research at Kyoto University is presented and shows S-factor images, which are considered an approximation parameter related to hemoglobin saturation of tumor-related blood vessels. We confirmed the applicability of the system for anatomical and biological research.

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