Journal Article Phonon frequencies of a highly strained AlN layer coherently grown on 6H-SiC (0001)

Kaneko, M.  ,  Kimoto, T.  ,  Suda, J.

7 ( 1 ) 2017-01 , American Institute of Physics Inc.
Phonon frequencies of a high-quality AlN layer coherently grown on a 6H-SiC (0001) substrate are investigated by Raman scattering. Owing to the largest strain in our coherent AlN layer among heteroepitaxially grown AlN layers ever reported, phonon frequencies of the E2 (low), E2 (high), and A1 (LO) modes are considerably shifted to 244.5 (−3.3, compared with bulk AlN), 672.1 (+16.3), and 899 (+11)cm−1, respectively. Full widths at half maximum of the phonon modes in the coherent AlN are almost equal to those of high-quality bulk AlN, clearly indicating its high crystalline quality and uniform strain. We discuss accuracy of phonon deformation potentials reported by several other groups thorough comparing our experimental results.

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