Article エボシクラゲの一種(ヒドロ虫綱,花クラゲ目)の和歌山県田辺湾への出現
Occurrence of Leuckartiara aff. nobilis (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

久保田, 信

Leuckartiara aff. nobilis Hartlaub, 1913 (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) collected in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan on August 10, 2016. After culture for 1.5 months at 25℃, it grows a well-developed medusa (possibly male) measuring 3.6 mm high including apical projection. It possessed 15 tentacles, of which compressed bulbs bear both abaxial spur and ocellus. GFP is found in all body portions of this medusa. Taxonomic position of this medusa is discussed and tentatively assorted L. nobilis due to complete absence of marginal warts. The present specimen may become a small form of L. nobilis owing to some culture effects.
和歌山県田辺湾で2016年8月10日採集のエボシクラゲ属(ヒドロ虫綱, 花クラゲ目)の1個体の幼体を,一定条件の下,25℃恒温で約1.5箇月飼育した.よく成長・成熟したクラゲに育ち,傘頂突起を含め3.6 mmの傘高で,15本の触手を有した.GFPは体全体にあった.本個体の分類学的取扱いは,傘縁瘤が見られないことからLeuckartiara aff. nobilis Hartlaub, 1913として取り扱った.飼育環境の何かが影響し,小形のL. nobilis Hartlaubに育った可能性もある.

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