Departmental Bulletin Paper 結節性多発動脈炎の関連が示唆された異時性両側精巣梗塞の1例
Asynchronous Bilateral Testicular Infarction with Suspected Polyarteritis Nodosa : A Case Report

黒川, 真行  ,  内藤, 整  ,  一柳, 統  ,  須藤, 文  ,  黒田, 悠太  ,  櫻井, 俊彦  ,  西田, 隼人  ,  川添, 久  ,  加藤, 智幸  ,  長岡, 明  ,  伊藤, 裕美  ,  山川, 光徳  ,  土谷, 順彦

62 ( 12 )  , pp.657 - 660 , 2016-12 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
This report documents a case of asynchronous bilateral testicular infarction. The patient was a 42- year-old man who presented with left testicular pain and swelling. He had a past history of right idiopathic testicular infarction and underwent a right orchiectomy 6 years ago. He also had received treatment for 5 years for suspected polyarteritis nodosa (PAN). The left scrotal pain persisted for a week and left orchiectomy was performed. Pathological evaluations demonstrated a benign testis with testicular hemorrhage and chronic vasculopathy. There was no fibrinoid necrosis of medium-size vessel walls which characterizes PAN. In this report, we review the pathogenesis, risk of contralateral testicular infarction, and management of testicular infarction.

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