Journal Article 台風時の大雨で壊滅したベニクラゲ Turritopsis spp.(ヒドロ虫綱, 花クラゲ目)の飼育ポリプ
Polyps of Turritopsis spp. (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) cultured in the laboratory annihilated after heavy rain caused by typhoon

久保田, 信  ,  新稲, 一仁

12pp.49 - 52 , 2016-03 , 黒潮生物研究財団
A total of 17 colonies of laboratory-cultured Turritopsis spp. polyps including two colonies that rejuvenated 14 times from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and the others from Italy, Israel, and Japan (Okinawa and Wakayama Prefectures) annihilated completely after heavy rains mainly caused by typhoon No.6 in June and July, 2015 even kept all of them in an elaborate culture tank.

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