Journal Article Three-dimensional morphology of the human embryonic brain

Shiraishi, N.  ,  Katayama, A.  ,  Nakashima, T.  ,  Yamada, S.  ,  Uwabe, C.  ,  Kose, K.  ,  Takakuwa, T.

4pp.116 - 118 , 2015-09 , Elsevier Inc.
The morphogenesis of the cerebral vesicles and ventricles was visualized in 3D movies using images derived from human embryo specimens between Carnegie stage 13 and 23 from the Kyoto Collection. These images were acquired with a magnetic resonance microscope equipped with a 2.35-T superconducting magnet. Three-dimensional images using the same scale demonstrated brain development and growth effectively. The non-uniform thickness of the brain tissue, which may indicate brain differentiation, was visualized with thickness-based surface color mapping. A closer view was obtained of the unique and complicated differentiation of the rhombencephalon, especially with regard to the internal view and thickening of the brain tissue. The present data contribute to a better understanding of brain and cerebral ventricle development.

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