Journal Article Two-, three-, many-body systems involving mesons. Multimeson condensates

Oset, E.  ,  Bayar, M.  ,  Doté, A.  ,  Hyodo, T.  ,  Khemchandani, K. P.  ,  Liang, W. H.  ,  Martinez Torres, A.  ,  Oka, M.  ,  Roca, L.  ,  Uchino, T.  ,  Xiao, C. W.

47pp.357 - 365 , 2016-02 , Jagellonian University
In this paper, we review results from studies with unconventional many-hadron systems containing mesons: systems with two mesons and one baryon, three mesons, some novel systems with two baryons and one meson, and finally, systems with many vector mesons, up to six, with their spins aligned forming states of increasing spin. We show that in many cases, one has experimental counterparts for the states found, while in some other cases, they remain as predictions, which we suggest to be searched in BESIII, Belle, LHCb, FAIR and other facilities.

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