Journal Article Intellectual productivity under task ambient lighting

Ishii, Hirotake  ,  Kanagawa, Hidehiro  ,  Shimamura, Yuta  ,  Uchiyama, Kosuke  ,  Miyagi, Kazune  ,  Obayashi, Fumiaki  ,  Shimoda, Hiroshi

50 ( 2 )  , pp.237 - 252 , 2018-04-01 , SAGE Publications
A subjective experiment was conducted to evaluate intellectual productivity in three lighting conditions: (a) conventional ambient lighting, (b) task ambient lighting with normal colour temperature (5000 K), and (c) task ambient lighting with high colour temperature (6200 K). In the experiment, cognitive tasks were given to 24 participants. The concentration time ratio, which is a quantitative and objective evaluation index of the degree of concentration, was measured. The results showed that the average concentration time ratio under the task ambient lighting with high colour temperature was 72.5% which was 5.0% points higher than that under the conventional ambient lighting. It is believed that intellectual work can be performed better when the concentration time ratio is high

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